Make Your Family

Travel Dreams a Reality

Have some of the best moments of your life happened while you were traveling abroad? 

Do you want to share your love of travel with your family, but don’t know how to make it happen? 

Are you an aspiring first-time traveler hoping to create lasting memories as a family in exciting locations, but don't know where to get started? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you've come to the right place. This course is designed specifically with you in mind.

With this comprehensive and inspiring guide, discover how to start planning a memorable and (mostly) stress-free family trip today that both you and your kids will love.

Family Travel Real Talk

“Traveling with kids is just parenting in a different location.”

-- every parenting influencer, ever

I get it. Traveling the world with babies, toddlers and kids isn’t always easy (to say the least).

But the memories you make and the joy on everyone’s face when you experience something really, utterly amazing -- together -- is seriously worth the effort. And these unforgettable moments will happen again and again if you just get started... so let me show you how.

I'm a travel writer and mom of two (ages four and two), and I designed this ultimate family travel course because I love to explore the world with my little ones -- and I want to show you how to make it happen, too.

Learn How to Plan Your Trip

It's one thing to want to travel with kids, and it's another to actually plan a trip. That's because it's complicated! The first section will give you a deep dive into how to strategize for a successful family trip abroad, including how to craft the most effective "traveling with kids mindset," how to book the best flights, and more.

Discover What to Pack

I'll show you how to really (truly) think light when packing, reveal our game-changing family packing motto, share our typical packing list, and explain why you should start packing early. We'll also explore what items you might consider skipping on your trip, including a travel cot or car seat.

Get Tips to Maximize Fun

Now, you might be wondering, what do I do once I actually arrive? This section will reveal the secrets to mapping out your days, explain why "adult sightseeing" around nap time is a must, show how to make historical sites fun for everyone, and offer tips for picking kid-friendly activities that are enjoyable for adults, too.

Unmatched Family Travel Advice, For A Limited-Time Price

Hi, I'm Leslie. Nice to Meet You!

I'm an American travel writer and mom of two living in Munich, Germany. After graduating with my master's degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, I began a career in magazines in New York City. But my husband and I always wanted to live abroad -- and get more opportunities to travel -- so we decided to take the plunge and move to Munich when I was pregnant with our first child. We've been traveling as a family ever since, and so far have visited Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Malta, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Finland, the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Ireland, Slovenia and Australia together (and somewhere in between trips I gave birth to our second child). I created this course to share what we've learned traveling as a family, and I hope it inspires you to plan your own adventure!

You can find out more about me (and my life in Germany) in my interview with

Explore The Course

This course is broken down into ten comprehensive sections — each with tip-filled lessons — which you can read or listen to (so play those audios in the car or while you're getting other things done... hey, multitasking). You can revisit the course again and again to refresh (a great thing to do before each trip!). The course also includes worksheets to make your trip even more customized.

Course Sections Include:

  1. Planning your trip (with everyone in mind)
  2. How to pack and prep effectively
  3. Tips to survive the flight (and the dreaded jet lag)
  4. How to enjoy your trip once you're there
  5. Ways to get around easily as a family
  6. Simple money saving strategies
  7. How to keep your travel vibes high after the trip
  8. Your biggest family travel questions, answered
  9. Family travel myths, busted 
  10. Our favorite sample itineraries (from Portugal to Spain to Italy), where I break down what to do each day

After taking this course, you'll not only gain confidence and skills to plan an incredible family trip, but actually feel excitement to start your adventure (rather than dread). While the course focuses primarily on travel to Europe (because that's where we travel the most), we hope to expand to other continents soon. 

Family Travel Doesn't Have to Drain Your Child's College Fund

Yes, traveling as a family abroad is a privilege -- and it can be pricey. But you don't need to fly business class and stay at 5-star hotels to create lasting travel memories. With the right money-saving strategies, a family trip to Europe can cost less than a week-long theme park trip (and that's not a knock on amusement parks -- I love them too).

With this course, discover our best budget-friendly tips that will actually enhance your family's trip -- and won't come at the cost of fun, including:

*The key times of year to travel, so you get more for your money (think better deals on apartment rentals).

*How choosing a hotel or apartment in the right location can actually lead to big savings.

*The best activities that kids and adults will love (that are surprisingly free or low cost).

Yes, You Can Survive Jet Lag

Even the most seasoned travelers shudder at the thought of upending their child's sleep routine. But what if your little one is more adaptable than you think? Our comprehensive jet-lag lesson will share concrete strategies on how to help your little ones adjust to the time change quickly and happily.

Yes, You Can Go There

Some locations that might seem challenging to visit with kids at first glance (like the hiker's paradise, Cinque Terra, Italy) may actually surprise you! In our locations lesson, we share our top five unexpectedly awesome travel destinations with children. And psst, Cinque Terra is on the list!

Yes, You Can Love Your Trip

Friends or well-meaning family members might tell you that traveling with children is just too hard -- and that you should wait until they're in college before you explore the world again. But thanks to our ideas on how to make family travel fun for everyone, you can truly believe something different.

Discover Your Family's Why

The reasons why families want to travel abroad can be so different -- and all are valid. Perhaps you want to fulfill your own love of travel and share that excitement with your children, too. You may want to explore your family's roots or make your kids' history classes come alive. Other travelers might hope their children become global citizens, while some families simply want to have fun, memorable adventures together.

Whatever your "why" may be, this course will help you craft a trip that truly reflects your travel dreams.

And if comments from friends and family are holding you back from traveling, just know that your kids might love the trip even more than you imagined.